• Sheryar Khan

Turkey and Pakistan will enable Dual Nationality for their respective citizens

New developments and plans are currently heard to be underway with Pakistan signing an

agreement with Turkey which would allow dual citizenship for both countries, for their citizens. The draft is currently under consideration and if it is taken on board by the Ministry of Affairs.

Pakistan’s Interior Minister Ijaz Ahmad Shah and Turkey’s Ambassador suggested this new

implementation, along with Ijaz Ahmad Shah proposing training contracts for both countries

mutually. He has also suggested that law enforcement equipment is upgraded with Turkey.

A new initiative of introducing patrolling force in collaboration with Islamabad Capital Territory

Police who are based on the model Dolphin force being introduced in Lahore. This elite security force launched in 2016 with part raining by Turkey aiming to defeat street crime and to ensure security is sought around the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor.

If this development is implemented, Pakistan and Turkey being able to attain citizenship and hold dual passports of each other’s countries, it would evidently mark a large consensual move in the young nations history, along with adding substantially to their currently strong relations.

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