• Sheryar Khan

How Pakistani’s can acquire a Turkish Passport

The Pakistani passport is one of the worst passports for travel freedom, however, this can now change if you have $1 million to hand.

If you have this kind of money to spare, you can now be eligible to obtain a Turkish Passport. This is a new development from Turkey whereby a foreigner can obtain their passport if they have $1 million of real estate, $2 million to invest or $3 million in a live bank account. This announcement has come at a time where terrorism is being tackled and the economy is improving.

It is normal for Pakistani nationals in the last few years to have obtained passports for countries such as Portugal, Malta, Hungary, the Caribbean Island state of St Kitts and Nevis, Grenada, Cyprus etc. They went ahead with this despite having to surrender their Pakistan citizenship to acquire the new passport.

Pakistani investors are looking into this new Turkish passport option. However, the situation in Pakistan has improved in the last three years. Terrorist attacks are 45% down, the economic outlook has improved whereby Pakistan’s growth rate has increased.

If an individual is opting for this option, they would have to surrender their Pakistani passport, which is one of the major drawbacks. This is not the case with any English-speaking countries. This would evidently be an issue for anyone how has strong roots in Pakistan.

This new development indicates growth of business opportunities. Where previously Pakistan was not viewed with respect like many industrialized countries, this has now changed due to an increase in business investment opportunities.

On the whole, this new proposition can be enticing to many Pakistani’s who have the said amount ready at hand and wouldn’t be affected by surrendering their Pakistani passport. It is a big step to join Pakistan and Turkey together, taking everything in the right direction.

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